Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Simple Things...

My favorite movie of all time is....

Two of my favorite people...
 Some of our favorite movie snacks... 
 A giant blow up screen outside...
At the...cemetery! 
How creepy & cool is this!!!

We thought it was awesome!
My hubby even joined us later in the evening after work..a rare treat!


Friday, June 24, 2011


This was the first official week of summer vacation. The first of nine weeks. By the end of day one with my darling girls bickering nonstop, I wondered why I was so excited to be home with them...I just don't get the whole "sibling" thing. They can't not argue, but if both are home they can't play apart. It's ridiculous how many times I say, "just stop talking to each other!" I'm sure I'm scaring them for life and teaching them horrible coping skills...someday a therapist will thank me.

The week wasn't entirely filled with drama...
we had a few fun moments:
We went to the beach. 
Bolsa Chica State Beach. Because to me $13 is worth not having a neighbor within a 30 foot radius.
We attended an Open House for a neighboring city's Police Department. Seeing the police dogs and jaws of life always excite us!

This is what goes on when I let them play with my phone...I was filling out the paperwork to be a Bone Marrow Donor. I did cheek swabs and everything...too bad I had just had fish tacos...poor lab person!

Fathers Day Brunch + 5 Generations...

 Grandpa Russ and the girls (Russ is my Dad)

Great Grandpa Frank and the girls 
(Frank is my Grandpa -Russ' Dad)

Great-Great Grandma Rita and the girls 
(Gma Rita is MY Great Gma - Frank's Mother - Russ' Grandmother)
I make the 4th generation, but am strategically NOT in these pictures.

These are my new favorite things!

Me & Bob...he's getting fresh.

We went to this: The Wall The Heals. Very neat.
life rearranged

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Simple Things...

The The Wall That Heals was near our house this week. This is a replica of the Vietnam Veteran Memorial in Washington D.C. (which during our four day crazy trip there last Spring we missed). The people and volunteers that run this are so nice and dedicated. It is open 24 hours a day.
I went late one night earlier in the week and only two other people were there. I took my girls yesterday and the emotions were flowing. It was very busy. Photos, dog tags, letters and flags now surrounded the wall.
I can't stand to see people sad...a woman was sitting in front of the wall crying, I just had to touch her shoulder(I touch strangers often). She held my hand for a moment and smiled. As we walked away Juliet asked me "why the wall makes her so sad?" I held her hand and tried to muddle through what the wall meant..brave soldiers..not all come home..a way to remember them..fighting for freedom..and so on. The beauty of being five years old is that this answer was enough and wasn't pondered any further. My ten year old however (who's fourth grade teacher served in Vietnam) wanted to know more about the war, how did it start? Why? Thankfully there are beautiful displays and plaques to read(because when it comes to history I'm not helpful).

Friday, June 17, 2011

Insta-Friday(semi-insta):Mrs. O. has left the building

This was our last week of school/work..we managed to get up 175 times this school year and managed to get our kids where they needed to be..dressed..neat..feed..on time.
I am SO excited to have 9 weeks snotty noses, tying shoes, solving conflicts or opening juice bags or snacks of other peoples I'm just stuck with my own...for 9 weeks.☺
Let Summer Begin!
This is my beautiful cousin Shannon Kelsey kissing her first "left coast"(as she says) California sunset. She was SO excited to witness it! She was here from VA on a 3 day layover on her way to Australia. This will be her second trip there for a church mission. We can't wait to see her in 18 months when she comes back.♥(so we can corrupt her again)
Abigail earned the Presidential Award of Achievement this week for her 3.8 GPA..we are super proud and highly aware that these smart are in no way a reflection of our efforts.
She'll be a big 5th grader in August..time is a jerk and a thief.
I used Frances this week to make "Cupcakes in a Jar." 
Thanks to Joy's Hope I looked awesome to my coworkers and kids teachers.
We closed out our year of Girl Scouts with a BounceU party..complete with Girl Scout cookies...what else?
My little kindergartner is now considered a 1st grader....seriously...time flies people.
Hopefully the Otellio's actually make it back to the beach this summer. We are the worst Californians ever, didn't even go once last summer. In our defense it was June gloom all summer...still.losers.
Thank goodness Shannon is going on a church she can repent or whatever for herself & us for 18 months...but seriously...this IS how we roll. Yes, of course I had a Sharpie and cardboard in my bag. Doesn't every one?

life rearranged

Happy Summer Gifts...

I love..LOVE my co-workers. They are a great bunch of women. And for those of you that have never worked at an elementary school please just keep believing the illusion that teachers and office staff are sweet 100% of the time☺.
I felt these great chicks needed something sweet to celebrate 175 days of coming to work! 
This treat wasn't an original thought, but still I did actually did execute it(patting myself on the back right now). 
Please check out one of my favorite blogs 
to stalk, Joy's Hope.
Her blog is very real and has some amazingly tasty and crafty ideas.

Cupcakes In a Jar
Completely gimmicky..but a lots of fun (and easy to eat!)
I really needed an excuse to use Frances, she's was feeling neglected.
Start with a good old box of cake mix & just follow those directions..I LOVE Duncan Hines Devils Food. (I used two boxes & made 48 cupcakes. A 1/3 cup scoop was used). Use LOTS of Pam, not liners. Allow to cool for 5 min. then transfer to a cooling rack to cool completely. 
I used twenty-four 8oz. regular mouth quilted jars..cause I think they are pretty♥
Push one cupcake into the bottom. 
Blop some butter cream on top of the cupcake.
Add some pretty candies, jimmy's..or whatever you'd like.
Add another cupcake, more butter cream, more pretty candies...and that's it!

 Best Butter Cream Ever
 My daughter felt that Bubbles needed to be in the ingredients shot. (no guinea pigs were included or harmed in the making of this-hehe) 
Here is the how you put that magic together:
(i used GOOD quality vanilla-35% alcohol & heavy cream-hummm)
Two sticks of good quality butter 
(I used salted cause I like it)
Two pounds of powdered sugar
3 tsp of good vanilla
6 tbsp of heavy cream
(this is a doubled batch-I ended up making another regular batch-because this stuff is AWESOME)
Cream it all up..start slow..or you'll be covered in powdered sugar ;)
Whip it until it's light & fluffy.
 My classy novelty bowling cup. 
But seriously when loading up your piping bag, a big cup that you can fold over the top is the best. Usually I just use a gallon Ziploc bag with a cut on the corner and do the same thing, but this day I was being fancy.
 An finally cut a 2 inch circle and write a note and stick it on top, some curing ribbon, and a spoon. 
I had a few coworkers literally open it right away and start eating it. Two of them said they intended on saving the second cupcake for their spouse, but that didn't happen. 
What did I tell you..gimmicky..but fun, instant gratification for the receiver.
(thank you SO much to Joy's Hope for your always amazing blog)

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