Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Flew By...

I REALLY wanted to post about May before it's toooo far into June...and since it's 6:30am on Wednesday, June 1st and I have two ravenous girls I have to wake up I will only be posting the pictures I uploaded the other day...perhaps I shouldn't lay down at 8:30pm to read to my kids and fall asleep...I might actually accomplish a  few things in the evening...or whatever.♥

Here is what 2 free bag of compost dirt look like. Thank you CR&R.

We had a crazy busy Girl Scout event that I actually planned...Beach Trash Clean Up with Zero Trash
in Laguna Beach, then lunch at El Ranchito, then a tour of the Pacific Marine Mammal Center
Somehow all the time worked out and the day went smooth. The girls had a lot of fun!

YaY for 4th grade science fair projects...the potato clock (I, yes I got an A+...makes up for MY A- that I got on my Mission Report!)

Daisy Troop trip to the Fire Department....sooooo cool! We all went for a rise through the beautiful streets of Wilmington...not's in the ghetto in Long Beach..but still awesome! Miss my freeway on the way lost in the ghetto of Long Beach.

We had a Memorial "Celebration of Life" party...yes PAR-TAY for our friend that passed away last month, Peggy Jean.
This white bag is Peggy...the guest of honor♥
Bradley, pretending to look drunk
My friend had pictures I took last year blown up into huge posters, they came out great...reminded me why I love my camera.
Did you know I LOVE to karaoke? It's not cute.

My goal orientated cousin Tabitha graduated from CSLB...we partied it up on a boat...cruisin' the Long Beach Harbor...I got lost on the way there and ended up in the ghetto (yes this is a theme with me).