Friday, January 7, 2011

12 for tuesday, on Friday

I am lazy and swear I have a.d.d. 
I spend too much time on Facebook and get lost looking at peoples pictures.
I don't know how to clean efficiently nor do I have a place for things.
I have only cooked a real dinner for my family about 5 times in the last two months.
I get the Sunday paper for the coupons though I haven't used one in a year.
I have clean clothes on the floor and stacked on top of my dresser and empty drawers.
I haven't had a cleaning at the dentist in 9 years and I don't floss enough.
I have Rubbermaids full of scrap-booking stuff but have only completed about 20 pages.
I have spanked my kids knowing it does not do one bit of good.
I don't exercise though I just got a gym pass today.
I have no control over my 5 year old and never have.
I can barley understand my 4th graders math homework and don't care too (or is it to).

That is my 12 for tuesday...that I'm posting on a Friday.....a list of things that I'd like to change or improve upon for me, for my family...we'll see how it goes.