...a summer without cable...

A SUMMER WITHOUT CABLE...what?.....Every few months when I actually look at the cable bill I go on a mini rant..."why do we pay for this?...We only watch the same shows....We don't watch that much TV anyhow...."

So, after a lot of contemplating about the well-being of my children and husband I decided it was out....yes...their well-being in the case of living without cable....really? I actually had to think about this...

A summer without watching reruns of every Sonny With a Chance and iCarly...how will my kids survive? Wait...a summer without any commercials...without them saying "I want that!" Oh yes...I am in! However I knew I'd miss The Weather channel, CNN, The Discovery Channel and TLC...but I figured it was all toward a good cause....right? Just what that cause is I'm not exactly sure...what I'm I trying to prove? Kinda like the time I saw the baby cows on a hill side while on the 101 driving up to Santa Barbara...I didn't eat beef for an entire year...just to see I could do it...then I got pregnant with Abby and had a huge burger from Islands!

So, on Monday June 22nd I turned in the cable box...they didn't even try to offer me any deals or talk me out of it....almost as if they knew..."you'll be back"....and they are probably right.

It is a little weird to not be able to just turn on the TV and veg out...but that's what the Internet is for. I am missing watching the Angels game, but had weaned myself off that over the last few weeks anyhow.

Here's the part where I mention how this isn't a huge deal and this kids are not oppressed in any way...it's a little thing called Netflix...and it's way better than what's on TV because it's only what we want watch. It's ridiculous how great it is. Now iCarly can stream into my living room without any commercials at all....so the theory back-fired a bit...but they aren't watching it....it's a little strange....it is too much work to turn on the TV and the Wii and have 1000's of shows at their fingertips....oh well....Abigail is however completely in love with Little House on The Prairie...talk about good wholesome programing!!!(Brad is into it too!!)