Sunday, January 8, 2012


Potty Party?
Really? I'm all for celebrating mediocrity...
pre-school/kinder/6th/8th grade graduations, everyone gets a trophy for softball, and on and on...but an entire party for crapping in the toilet? 
Like toddler moms don't talk about this shit (pun intended)enough already with each, hey I'm gonna throw a Potty Party to throw it in your face that you suck as a mom...and so does your kid.boom.
(I guess baby showers are along the same lines too--"look what i/we did.")

Normally this chick has cute ideas. This IS a cute idea as I just can't until her daughter turns 12
 and we get to see the huge "You started your period" bash! Oh I can't wait to see those decorations and favors.
Here's the sound track for the background music:
1. “Evenflow” – Pearl Jam
2. “The Tide Is High” – Blondie
3. “Red Red Wine” – UB40
4. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” – U2
5. “I’ve Got The World On A String” – Frank Sinatra
6. “Muddy River” – Johnny Rivers
7. “Bleeding Love” – Leona Lewis
8. “Here Comes The Flood” – Peter Gabriel
9. “Red Rain” – Peter Gabriel
10. “Waterfalls” – TLC
11. “Red Red Rose” – The Weepies
12. “Red Tide” – Neko Case
13. “Why Does It Always Rain On Me” – Travis
14. “I Love You, Period” – Dan Baird
15. “Just A Girl” – No Doubt
16. “Here Comes The Rain” – Eurythmics
17. “Everybody Hurts” – R.E.M.
18. “Stormy Pinkness” – They Might Be Giants
19. “Time To Flow” – D-Nice
20. “Blood Is Thicker Than Water” – Wyclef Jean featuring The Product G&B