Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cable, Organic Veggies, VBS

It's been a week since you've been gone cable box....

I have to admit that it is strange to not turn on the TV and watch A&E...I'm missing Obsessed...and the baseball games...not missing commercials though. I made Bradley watch Anjelah Johnson and a few documentaries...Loose Change is disturbing! Refrigerator Mothers is sad and Food, Inc left me not wanting to eat anything ever again...for a few days anyhow.

Soooo...with the $50+ dollars I'm saving from NOT paying for cable I'm going to buy a box of organic fruits and veggies. This will be shipped to my door every four weeks for $31.50. A friend recommended it...our first box comes this Thursday...we'll see!

Vacation Bible School for The Clueless
I have only been to church for weddings and a baptism in my thirty years here. Bradley has only been a handful of times as a youth....needless to say our kids have never been.
So when some friends invited us to VBS I was oddly intrigued...and surprised Brad was on board, sort of. 
The girls just went last week at St. Johns Lutheran. They had a blast.
I asked Juliet if she learned about Jesus, she said in a painfully excited voice "No, but about someone named God that made EVERYTHING, even you and me!" Abigail didn't really say much about it one way or the other, but said she has fun. 
Everyone was sooo painfully nice there, it makes you want to be a part of it...(like a cult perhaps?-just sayin')..I even recognized that I say "what the hell" and "Jesus Christ" a little too much....but why suppress that now? It's as close to faith as I get. 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

In prepping for Miss Juliet's Pink Pirate Parrrty I needed to take some pictures for the invitations....here's some from the first attempt:

Note the bruise on her arm from her pre-kinder vaccinations earlier this week!

And one last sisterly one...awww

Monday, June 14, 2010

...the last big bash...arrrggg

So, I have a thing..not sure where I came up with it, but it's "big first and big fifth birthdays." And holy heck Juliet's 5th birthday is upon us! It's been 4 years since her first birthday (which Abigail's 5th fell just 6 months prior to that!)....so we'll be getting BOTH sides of our families together...Juliet's 1st had a whopping 73 people come....this year is a bit more out of control...123 people on the invite list...not sure how many will show, but 75 were invited to the last one...sooo....we'll see!

We are going all out with the Pink Pirate theme! I...yes...I really wanted a Fiesta theme with the Taco Cart guy and all that...but to feed 100 people he was $600...so that was o-u-t. Now it hamburgers and hot dogs with all that goes along with them....and of course my favorite, Costco cake..or perhaps their huge cupcakes.

We were looking at decorations last night and I think Abigail is more excited than Juliet...looking for goodie bag loot, streamers and matching pirate girl hair clips...cause it matters, right?!

I really am looking forward to this...it really will be the last time both mine and Bradley's families are together...until one of my girls get married...or one of us dies..I'm just sayin'.

The location and jumper have been reserved and the only way to bone out is if it rains...and I'm 98% sure it's not gonna rain in late August.....so party on!!

Now to get some pictures taken for the invites...we'll see how that goes...