Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Summer Gifts...

I love..LOVE my co-workers. They are a great bunch of women. And for those of you that have never worked at an elementary school please just keep believing the illusion that teachers and office staff are sweet 100% of the time☺.
I felt these great chicks needed something sweet to celebrate 175 days of coming to work! 
This treat wasn't an original thought, but still I did actually did execute it(patting myself on the back right now). 
Please check out one of my favorite blogs 
to stalk, Joy's Hope.
Her blog is very real and has some amazingly tasty and crafty ideas.

Cupcakes In a Jar
Completely gimmicky..but a lots of fun (and easy to eat!)
I really needed an excuse to use Frances, she's was feeling neglected.
Start with a good old box of cake mix & just follow those directions..I LOVE Duncan Hines Devils Food. (I used two boxes & made 48 cupcakes. A 1/3 cup scoop was used). Use LOTS of Pam, not liners. Allow to cool for 5 min. then transfer to a cooling rack to cool completely. 
I used twenty-four 8oz. regular mouth quilted jars..cause I think they are pretty♥
Push one cupcake into the bottom. 
Blop some butter cream on top of the cupcake.
Add some pretty candies, jimmy's..or whatever you'd like.
Add another cupcake, more butter cream, more pretty candies...and that's it!

 Best Butter Cream Ever
 My daughter felt that Bubbles needed to be in the ingredients shot. (no guinea pigs were included or harmed in the making of this-hehe) 
Here is the how you put that magic together:
(i used GOOD quality vanilla-35% alcohol & heavy cream-hummm)
Two sticks of good quality butter 
(I used salted cause I like it)
Two pounds of powdered sugar
3 tsp of good vanilla
6 tbsp of heavy cream
(this is a doubled batch-I ended up making another regular batch-because this stuff is AWESOME)
Cream it all up..start slow..or you'll be covered in powdered sugar ;)
Whip it until it's light & fluffy.
 My classy novelty bowling cup. 
But seriously when loading up your piping bag, a big cup that you can fold over the top is the best. Usually I just use a gallon Ziploc bag with a cut on the corner and do the same thing, but this day I was being fancy.
 An finally cut a 2 inch circle and write a note and stick it on top, some curing ribbon, and a spoon. 
I had a few coworkers literally open it right away and start eating it. Two of them said they intended on saving the second cupcake for their spouse, but that didn't happen. 
What did I tell you..gimmicky..but fun, instant gratification for the receiver.
(thank you SO much to Joy's Hope for your always amazing blog)

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