Friday, June 24, 2011


This was the first official week of summer vacation. The first of nine weeks. By the end of day one with my darling girls bickering nonstop, I wondered why I was so excited to be home with them...I just don't get the whole "sibling" thing. They can't not argue, but if both are home they can't play apart. It's ridiculous how many times I say, "just stop talking to each other!" I'm sure I'm scaring them for life and teaching them horrible coping skills...someday a therapist will thank me.

The week wasn't entirely filled with drama...
we had a few fun moments:
We went to the beach. 
Bolsa Chica State Beach. Because to me $13 is worth not having a neighbor within a 30 foot radius.
We attended an Open House for a neighboring city's Police Department. Seeing the police dogs and jaws of life always excite us!

This is what goes on when I let them play with my phone...I was filling out the paperwork to be a Bone Marrow Donor. I did cheek swabs and everything...too bad I had just had fish tacos...poor lab person!

Fathers Day Brunch + 5 Generations...

 Grandpa Russ and the girls (Russ is my Dad)

Great Grandpa Frank and the girls 
(Frank is my Grandpa -Russ' Dad)

Great-Great Grandma Rita and the girls 
(Gma Rita is MY Great Gma - Frank's Mother - Russ' Grandmother)
I make the 4th generation, but am strategically NOT in these pictures.

These are my new favorite things!

Me & Bob...he's getting fresh.

We went to this: The Wall The Heals. Very neat.
life rearranged