Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun Short Week!

If you live in Southern California chances are you have or at some point will have a pair of these...Rainbows!
And due to the fact that we wear them year round, dropping $130 for three pairs of these bad boys doesn't even piss me off.
This is Abigail's second pair..this picture doesn't highlight the worn down 1/8 of an inch sole...they had a good life...2 1/2 years!

I need these for work next year! I ♥ Vans

This SWEET ride totally impressed my kids. "It's a Barbie car!" My darling husband took it upon himself to drive around the block so I could get a picture of it. Love him!

Got our skate on@Holiday!
Is it bad that I grumble to myself about how much my KIDS slow me down when I'm trying to get my speed skate on? They need to step it up.

Skate admission included this fabulous meal... unfortunately it was delicious and I wanted another one...seriously.

I bought this huge jar of kraut just for me...and just for the JAR!

The little peeps had some little friends, rainbow cupcakes, Barbie's and then Tangled...though the girls got bored of the movie pretty quick and went back to playing...Brad & I were totally into it.

life rearranged