Friday, June 17, 2011

Insta-Friday(semi-insta):Mrs. O. has left the building

This was our last week of school/work..we managed to get up 175 times this school year and managed to get our kids where they needed to be..dressed..neat..feed..on time.
I am SO excited to have 9 weeks snotty noses, tying shoes, solving conflicts or opening juice bags or snacks of other peoples I'm just stuck with my own...for 9 weeks.☺
Let Summer Begin!
This is my beautiful cousin Shannon Kelsey kissing her first "left coast"(as she says) California sunset. She was SO excited to witness it! She was here from VA on a 3 day layover on her way to Australia. This will be her second trip there for a church mission. We can't wait to see her in 18 months when she comes back.♥(so we can corrupt her again)
Abigail earned the Presidential Award of Achievement this week for her 3.8 GPA..we are super proud and highly aware that these smart are in no way a reflection of our efforts.
She'll be a big 5th grader in August..time is a jerk and a thief.
I used Frances this week to make "Cupcakes in a Jar." 
Thanks to Joy's Hope I looked awesome to my coworkers and kids teachers.
We closed out our year of Girl Scouts with a BounceU party..complete with Girl Scout cookies...what else?
My little kindergartner is now considered a 1st grader....seriously...time flies people.
Hopefully the Otellio's actually make it back to the beach this summer. We are the worst Californians ever, didn't even go once last summer. In our defense it was June gloom all summer...still.losers.
Thank goodness Shannon is going on a church she can repent or whatever for herself & us for 18 months...but seriously...this IS how we roll. Yes, of course I had a Sharpie and cardboard in my bag. Doesn't every one?

life rearranged