Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We just wanted to make cookies...

I SOOO appreciate all the concern and well wishes everyone sent yesterday. Juliet is doing fine and sporting her wrist guard and stitches like they are accessories. 
I've had several of you ask "what the hell happened?" So here's how the freak show went down(yes I'm long winded):

   The girls and I went to the library, then to a Japanese food restaurant that is next to what would be our next destination: the grocery store.

I sent my mom a text to invite her and Randy(her bf)to join us for some sushi. They were there just as we were finishing. I told the girls to use use the restroom at the restaurant but they insisted on waiting because they LOVE going in the back of the grocery store to use theirs. "Whatever." I said. When I paid for our food I secretly paid for my mom and Randy's too.
   Off into the grocery store the girls and I went. A few minutes later when my mom realized I paid for their food they came in the store to give me a hard time and thank me. During this time the girls needed to use the bathroom, "don't be loud and wash your hands" I said. 

   A few minutes later I heard them from an isle over, and rolled my eyes in regards to them being loud. Then in that instant i said out loud "shit that's a hurt cry!" and ran to the other isle while Abby was telling my mom and I that "sissy's hurt bad."

   Juliet had spotted Randy at the end of the other isle and began running toward him (I didn't see him and just though she was running like a crazy person) so I yelled for her to stop. She did, yelling and crying.then I saw all the blood. "Oh my God" was all my mom heard and then was the call-911-panic. Apparently Siri thinks "call 911" sounds like "call Gwen" my boss. Good thing Randy was able to sanely dial his phone. During this panic mode Nicole, an RN, appeared and help immensely until the paramedics got there. Nicole assured me the cut was not over her artery(i think that's right?) and whispered, "it'll be alright." My mom was holding Juliets wrist while we got her up onto the check out belt. {My only suggestion when the kids get bumps at home is "grab a coldy(ice pack) outta the freezer." So I grabbed a pack of P.F. Changs Orange Chicken out of the freezer area...not helpful Kim. Hope they didn't put it back, there was blood on it.} Along with drips up and down the isle. 
   Nicole stood holding Juliets arm up while chatting with her to keep her calm. Not really sure what I was doing(besides grabbing a Pillow Pet off the shelf for Juliet to hug on). My mom was being frozen by the orange chicken she didn't realize she was holding. Randy was on the phone with 911. The store manager had her clip board ready to take my info. Brad was waiting at work to know what was going on next. 
   The ambulance(and fire truck) quickly arrived. I hugged Nicole about 3 times and thanked her. Asked my mom to pay for the Pillow Pet-Ralphs comped it. The girls and I boarded Orange Fire Ambulance #4 and took off to St. Joesph's.all is well.
I know for some families stitches aren't a big deal. For us over here though this is NOT the norm. I've been lucky enough to avoid any sort of major injury with my peeps for almost 11 years. It's something I hope I don't have to ever get used to. However I now have more of a realization and empathy to those in this situation.
Hug your kids people.tight.
Be thankful for family members and strangers alike.
So just what happened in the restroom? Here is the story according to my little peeps:
This trashcan was over-full and when Juliet put her paper towel in the front part the swinging portion stuck up in the back. Juliet reached around the back to push it down. Her hand got stuck and she tried to yank to out. The lip around the inside edge of the top is sharp metal.evil trashcan.
yes i have people.the end.
In such a freak-non-ideal situation anything that could have gone RIGHT did:
*Juliet's cut was not across any arteries, tendons or nerves.
*Juliet is lucky to have a big sister that alerted me to the issue quickly.
*My mom and Randy happened to be at the grocery store when we were.
*Nicole, an RN happened to be in the store.
These little things all add up to big pluses in this crazy ordeal.
Good Karma.Good Karma.