Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Insta-Friday-late edition.

Last week...
One of my lovely coworkers won a Smart Board...anyone in education is drooling right about now. If you are scratching your head imagine a white board (formerly a chalk board) that can connect to an ELMO (formerly an overhead projector). Pages can be instantly photographed and viewed on the board, in which you can switch easily through them. Oh and it also is pretty much like Microsoft Word..all by using your fingers on the board...drawing, erasing..simple enough, right?

Oh Camp Scherman...anyone that was a Girl Scout in Orange County knows all about this.love.love.love. I feel so lucky I'm able to revisit this place.a consolation prize for having girls.

Quality Movies=wholesome family time.

Ummm...only on the 5 southbound toward TJ.

life rearranged