Friday, December 23, 2011

Insta-Friday:lots of great and a drop of drama edition

Here's two weeks worth of Insta-ness:
*Last Monday was my "25th" birthday.
*My husband is super.
*Goodies for co-workers {these are awesome}.
*They got little bags of fun too.
*Kids dig technology.
*Something ate these TOMS after 4 times of wear.mystery.

*Nutcrackers are great.
*Trees make great photo ops.even if you didn't actually climb the tree.good thing your dad is 6'4".
*"I love sushi."well California rolls anyhow.
*This happened.

*Play-doh is always rad.
*Kits are fun.never taste good.
*Made her.
*Freaks making the fun-nasty kit.

life rearranged