Saturday, November 5, 2011

Real Insta-Friday: iPhone Style

A few weeks ago I got this:
I'm not usually one to be all hyped up on technology, but after spending 15 days serving Jury Duty on a computer hardware patent case I'm all over it! 
{Thanks c3mos, or should I say DrArmond Harapetian for the 3 hour testimony.}
Siri is now a part of the family.

No this isn't an 8-track. This is the Otter-Box cover for my phone...because I drop phones...and it would be a sad day in Mudville if she broke. Unfortunately since she's SO new & FANCY{cough*gloat) they don't have pretty colors to cover her yet.

Thank you Costco for making my 6 year old and I happy!

The girls have been begging to go to this park in ghetto Anaheim for really is a great park.
And it was gorgeous out.

Ahh Halloween Fun-fetti cake...4 days after Halloween.
I had to make something I liked.
{since I already raided the candy buckets}
life rearranged