Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Strawberry Jam-ish

So, I decided I wanted to attempt to make jam. I have a unnatural LOVE for glass jars, so what could be better than an excuse to buy glass jars and fill them with a sugar logged fruit concoction?! Come on now!
Apprenenty Target doesn't support home canners so I was forced into a Walmart trip where all of my supplies were neatly sprawled into front of me. Things I didn't even know I needed like a kit with a funnel, tongs and a magnet stick...all of which came in very handy. (Thanks Ball for NOT selling me crap that I really didn't need. Your products are awesome.)
That evening I knew Brad wasn't going to be home until 1:30am, I got the girls to bed by 9:45, re-read the recipe 5 times, wasted time here and here. Finally when the clock looked like this:
 I got my butt in gear. After making this nectar of love:
 and REALLY wanting to eat a piece of this:
I got everything ready that this LADY told me I needed.
(I trust her cause she's a fellow Orange County girl Ü )
I'm not gonna lie, this last picture isn't of my jars of yummy-ness(plus mine is less chunky). But honestly I was too lazy and the jars were too dang hot to pose for an after shot...why haven't I done it in the last three days since I made the stuff..not sure.
As for the final product:
-a bit too sweet for my liking
-a bit too runny (over rip probably to blame)
I'm just SO excited that the actual canning process worked though, I was really stressed when I wasn't hearing "POPs"...but then again I'm not very patient.
So thanks Joanne for inspiring me to attempt this.