Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fat, Fancy & Back to Reality (not actually an insta Insta Friday at all)

Not only do I now have Pinterest to blame for hours of time wasted on the internet, but I can also bitch about them making me fat(ter). This little concoction of honey-sugary-butter goodness was made on our last morning before school 10:45am mind you. Summer indigence at its finest.
Please come to the dark side and make this.
Thanks Pinterest.jerk.
We WERE counting down the days until school started...I suppose we were all in denial because the number never went below four.
The girls were playing "fancy people" with tea cups and grapefruit. After this sophisticated appetizer I served them some Ralphs store brand (chef boyardee style) canned mini raviolis. Very classy. And healthy.right.
 This brings us up to The First Day of School. YaY.
Miss Juliet is in first grade this year and is lucky enough to have both Abigail's kinder & first grade teachers together in one classroom. They are sharing a contract so mid-week when they switch she'll have a refreshed is the theory.
 Miss Abigail is in fifth grade this year.time.flies. 
That's all I have to say on this one.
(how cute are these signs, right?)
The first day of school also means that I must break my 10 week fast of not going to work. Back to reality. Back to being Mrs. O. 
I even got a whooping cough vaccine just for the occasion. Because kids are disgusting. 
I really was nice seeing my coworkers and catching up with a few quick sentences as you pass each other in the hall. Hearing about all the fancy far-off amazing places some of these students travel to is interesting..and a bit depressing. 
But it's good to be back. For now.

life rearranged