Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summertime Pantry Challenge

I came across this today:
Good Cheap Eats - oh, how I love cheap anything.
This is a site with great tips and tricks for saving money on your grocery bill and making yummy food. I look more then I actually try out the recipes, but this one caught my eye. 
I love the idea of actually using what you already have in your own cupboard to make stuff...you've already spent the money...use the stuff. 
Just pick up fruits, veggies and meats that are on sale and see what you can create.
Here I go...{disclaimer-not really attempting to be healthy here}
*Those last 6 frozen chicken tenders in the big bag from Costco that wasn't sealed properly and had ice crystals all over them...they made AWESOME shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches!
*Used my homemade marinara sauce with a half box of angel hair pasta I found in the cupboard.
*Can of Chef Boyardee raviolis-the girl acted like they had never had this sodium filled treat.
*Found two packs of frozen bologna (that'll last a while)
*Fish Sticks, not expired. Who Knew?
*3 pounds of hamburger
*3 cans of roast beef
*A few bags of frozen veggies
There's more in there...this should be interesting...add in the velveeta, boxes of mac & cheese and ramen and we are good go! (please take note my white trash humor here-though i really have all this stuff!)
I won't be as detailed as others participating in this...but you get the idea...assume some cereal, toast or waffles for breakfast (I love Costco so have plenty of all. And that bologna I mentioned before will be for lunch. A lot.