Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Bruxie: Deliciousness in Waffle Form.

 We love to visit The Circle in Old Towne Orange. Not because of the antique shops or pleasant old school charm(I lived in Old Towne my first 19 years of life-I'm over the charm Ü)...we like the food! In the last few years so many new restaurants have moved into the old shops, I can't even keep up with whats where. We've only been to a few because we are way too set in our boring culinary ways(kids love Red Robin what can I say?)...but sometimes we get an itch to try something new.

The girls had been bugging me to try I could resist...I have an unnatural love for food that can be held; burritos, taquitos, food on sticks, I was in.
Bruxie has been open for about 6 months and has been very popular. Being next to the college doesn't hurt either. They serve everything on an amazing crispy-on-the-outside-but-soft-on-the-inside waffle. 
How do they do it? Don't know. Don't care. Just want more.
This has a lemon creme with berries. Oh.sweet.heaven.
The breakfast sandwich was fabulous too...egg, cheese and crispy chunks of bacon. I ate half of mine two hours later..still fabulous.

They serve chocolate with a splash of milk. Rich!
  Meeting friends for breakfast made the morning even better!
  This little girl "FaFa" must be the most loved cat around!