Monday, July 11, 2011

Something to Scratch Your Head About...

I have a gym pass. A two year pre-paid pass none the less (thank you Costco). This has been in my possession since January (yes I hopped on that bandwagon). I went twice. However now the super duper gym with a WATER SLIDE and kiddie pool has come to town (which meant a $214 upgrade and now it's only good for a year). I took Miss J on Saturday to play in the kids area while I got my work-out on, then it was pool time for her. She loved it. So today I got up the motivation once again to tackle those machines. Got myself and the girls ready. Miss A was overly excited for the slide (her sister isn't tall enough for it-oddly this hasn't been an issue with J yet) we get there:

There is one little four letter word that gives me the heebie-jeebies...every time I hear it I'm creeped out.{LICE}. This word literally causes me immediately begin to scratch my hair and instantly insist that something is in it. My one mild bout of lice came at age ten from sharing softball helmets... after which just about every girl in the entire league owned their own and lice became a memory. Until those dreaded mandatory "your student has been exposed to lice" fliers would circle around. 

So my sweating and toning (and by toning I mean jiggling)plans where stopped in their tracks...a mom told me of this 'great news' before I even entered the building. I literally stood there scratching my head. Miss A almost busted into tears on the spot. It took me a few minutes to realize the pool area was probably louse unto the pool area we went, where my children had three life guards all to themselves. I rolled up my sleeves and basked in the sun for 50 minutes. 
Nothing like a lice scare to get a water slide and pool all to yourself.
Thanks 24 Hour Fitness!
{my head has been tingling the entire time I've been typing this}