Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tidy Mom-For the UN-Tidy Mom

i LOVE browsing peoples blogs...personal, inspiring, crafty, yummy, organisation...i doesn't really matter the content, i just loving reading them. call me nosy...i call it "looking for inspiration." inspiration to become a Tidy Mom, crafty, or make yummy things. i am not a great blogger (or a good one, to be realistic), nor do i have a passion or driving force behind my blogging...perhaps that's why it is so flat. i haven't had any (knock on wood) major tragedies in my life. i haven't lost a baby. i haven't been stricken with an illness and overcame it. i'm not religious. i don't home school. i am just a boring (semi)working mom in orange county with a hard working husband and 2 sassy pants girls. i don't keep a neat house in any way shape or form. i don't cook well in the least bit. but i suppose my people over here are doing okay..HOWEVER..i still troll blogs hoping one will have a magic effect on me and i'll get my crap in gear and organize my life, finances, get cooking, get crafty and be a better mom and wife...i just need a hard kick in the rear. Thank you Tidy Mom for your diligent effort to get slackers like me in shape...don't lose hope and thank you for your awesome (inspiring) blog. ♥

Tidy Mom