Sunday, May 1, 2011

30 days that felt like forever...

April has been the longest month ever around here. It seems ages ago that I had about 13 kindergardeners say, "Mrs. O. there is a spider on your head! April Fools!" Thank goodness that day was followed by 2 weeks of Spring Break!

April brought me a semi-semi annual arm wax was in order as's where I laughed at the 105 pound little woman, "would you like arm wax out here while pedicure?"  ...Ummm...eewww & no! The patrons of Linda's Nails don't need to have their relaxing pedicure ruined by seeing my arms be de-Chubaka-ized...behind closed doors for that one please! Then during the ($5 extra) alleged deep callus removal, Juliet's Daisy leader called to inform me she was in tears and her ear hurt. Thankfully my husband (that was at work) is Superman and brought her to me so I could finish de-scaling my horrid feet. This became a Saturday morning trip to urgent care=double ear infection...bring on the Amoxicillin.
April gave us a trip to Tanaka Farms, a local family owned farm. We got to pick as many strawberries as we wanted before we filled our little basket...mmmmm. We were warned to actually fill our basket first before "strawberry coma" set true!

April is Bradley & I's(is that real grammar?) Anniversary month...10 a row..woo hoo...high five to us! We took our first ever family camping vacation to O'Neill Park...20 minutes a 22 foot trailer..roughing it. We had 42 hours of dirt, s'mores, a bird watch hike, and lots of Frisbee. There was also the sinus infections, breathing treatments and antibiotics to administer...oh & thank goodness for cough syrup with codeine..otherwise the constant coughing would have never allowed my kids to sleep. Oh & the day we got home Abby's ear to urgent care again and a round of Amoxicillin for her too. (Brad & I would both downed Z-packs before that week was over)

April 8th is my mom's birthday...this was also The Angels Home Opener, she loves going to camera attended, I did not. We still haven't really celebrated her birthday yet...

April brought a close to the girls softball season...Go Rage & Go G-Force! I have 2-4 late afternoons a week and Saturday mornings free...what will we do with our selves??(nothing!)
For some reason pictures of Abigail's softball season are m.i.a....she really did participate, and even hit the ball!

April we had a great play-date with our friends...this day began with a free scoop of Ben & Jerry's...what a great way to start off a play-date!

April we decided we were sick of only getting 12 miles per gallon from our 2006 Ford Explorer. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my fact this was our third one. I particularly loved this one because of the third row separate the girls! Oh well...I humbly am the proud owner of a 2010 little Ford Escape that gets 19 miles per gallon.

April is National Pet Awareness Month. We attended the Pet Expo and saw many animals looking to find their furr-ever homes. In total they said 682 animals were adopted during that weekend! Abigail read to a Certified Therapy Dog and both girls were given books. We saw "piggys" and supported the Orange County Guinea Pig Rescue by buying a needed bag of pellets from them.

April at work my teacher I work with and I "celebrated" Earth Day by pulling some weeds for the kindergardeners to clean was Earth Day after all...right?

April we celebrated Easter by coloring and eating eggs and lots of candy.

April sucked for the following reason: we lost our dear SWEET & SASSY friend Peggy Jean.
Way back in October we did the Race For The Cure in honor of her.
Cancer is an asshole and I'm not happy about it at all. Peggy battled breast cancer twice. It then became bone cancer and the last month and half was brain cancer...she did all the treatments she was "supposed" do to...her last round of radiation was completed on the 20th, she passed away on the 26th. We are glad her suffering is over, but this doesn't make missing her any easier.
Peggy's house is where we have spent Christmas and New Years Eve the last 12 years.
She was the first one to make Abigail laugh as a baby, she is the first one Abby threw up on as an infant ;) . She told me to tell each of my girls secretly that they were my favorite and that a stick of butter makes a tub of store bought frosting amazing.
She decorated just about every cake for every event in our lives and let me know the secret to great baked potato soup is to use ALL the bacon grease!
Peggy loved purple and pink flowers and hated yellow ones.
She made you always feel welcome and didn't care how long you stayed. 
She is and always will be greatly missed. 

On a happier note....
Here are a few pictures that I, in my sick sense of humor find amusing....
...I thought these where only a myth...but low & behold we have found one...look at the primal features...we are so excited the girls could see one in it's natural habitat.
We led some friends to think THIS was our new "fuel efficient" car...we drove around (wasting gas) for 15 minutes to find it...
I LOVE this app on my fun.