Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Twelve For Tuesday...

So...this morning I sent my 9 year old off to Girl Scout camp for five (hopefully) fun-filled days up in the mountains. I had Miss Juliet, of course, in tow...she had a mini silent meltdown when she suddenly realized we weren't getting on the bus with Abby...today is also her last day of preschool(more on that later).
This is not Abigail's first trip to this camp, she went back in November with my co-leader and 6 girls from her troop...but this is whole new ball game...she's no going with any friends she knows, plus she's responsible for herself this time and in "real" cabins...no heater/air conditioner & no bathroom inside the cabin...you gotta hoof it down a-ways to the bathroom. I don't think I could have lectured her more on being responsible for her own crap, and following directions..hopefully something sunk in. Hopefully she has an amazing time!

So here is my Twelve For Tuesday...12 fun pictures from this morning:

Preschool is done....
For 8 years I have been driving up the hill to our local community college to take one of the girls to the childcare/preschool program they offer for students with kids.
We started there in 2002 when I decided to go back to school, Abigail was 18 months old. She graduated from preschool in August 2006, Juliet turned 1 that same month and started there 3 weeks later. 
It took me 10 years (not in a row mind you) to get my AA in Liberal Arts in 2008 (please feel free to laugh with/at me). I soon decided I was over school and wanted a new car...so I told Bradley I was going to get a job..."umm, ok." he responded.
I will deeply miss seeing the staff at the preschool and the parents I've meet....however I'm happy to spend the money I was paying them in other way and save gas!!
Miss Juliet will be starting kindergarten in a few weeks and Miss Abigail will be going into the fourth grade...where does the time go?