Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cheater Crafty & Overexposure...

I'm not crafty...but sometimes I get these (cheater) ideas in my head and just have to make something. Even if it's just a few little things.cute or not.i'll obsess on it if i don't try it.
So I made a few of these little guys.put them and all the supplies into a ziploc baggie and that was the end. 

 Next up are a few pictures from Treats in the Streets. It used to be a fun stroll through The Circle (aka Old Town Orange). Antique store owners would sit outside their little shops and pass out candy to local kids sporting their sweet costumes. We would walk all four quarters of the area with Abigail toddling around. 
However over the years it's become BIG.and.CROWDED. We now only spend about 20 minutes walking to 10 store fronts while I'm telling the girls "I'll just buy you an entire bag of candy at Target." 
The girls look forward to this event each year and enjoy it and actually don't complain when I cut it sucks.sorry. 
I do like the annual family photo op that I have my mom take while I'm bitching at her to hurry up and she's bitching cause people are walking in front of her shot. 
The end is like a frustrating freak-show.and this is all me...being a frustrated freak-show. Thanks to my family that puts up with me.

Here are my overexposed shots:

Thanks mom♥for the good one!


Sunday, October 23, 2011


This girl has told me on more than one occasion that 
"it's just hard to be nice." 
So when she says something kind it's almost a shocker. 
Tonight while watching 
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory she stated 
"you can be poor and still be happy."
 I had a beaming moment. Even if it was just a moment.beams.
Awww, thank you Hollywood for the life lesson.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Not an awesome Monday.

Here, mostly in Google lifted pictures, is a snapshot of my Monday a few weeks ago that I started blogging about and never completed:

Monday AM
Stayed home and bonded with my youngest daughter while finding a few unwanted friends and running the washer & drier non-stop for 12 hours. 
My head itches at just the word.


On going
In my garage is something
I actually think it's a Chupacabra, but the google pictures are too creepy to even post.

 Monday, around 5:30pm
 Grabbed a warm root beer from the Chupacabra garage. After being in the freezer for 20 minutes in the ice-drop-thing I attempted to rotate it. I learned warm can + ice = melted ice cocooning the tugging ripped a hole in the can. 
Ice is brutal. 
I should have just stuck to coffee.