Sunday, October 9, 2011

Not an awesome Monday.

Here, mostly in Google lifted pictures, is a snapshot of my Monday a few weeks ago that I started blogging about and never completed:

Monday AM
Stayed home and bonded with my youngest daughter while finding a few unwanted friends and running the washer & drier non-stop for 12 hours. 
My head itches at just the word.


On going
In my garage is something
I actually think it's a Chupacabra, but the google pictures are too creepy to even post.

 Monday, around 5:30pm
 Grabbed a warm root beer from the Chupacabra garage. After being in the freezer for 20 minutes in the ice-drop-thing I attempted to rotate it. I learned warm can + ice = melted ice cocooning the tugging ripped a hole in the can. 
Ice is brutal. 
I should have just stuck to coffee.